Here We Go Again


It was five years ago that I started this blog. It was started as a way to document Tristan’s time away from home as he attended Westminster. It then morphed into a brother blog as it followed Tristan at Westminster, Aidan at Cardigan/Williston Northampton and of course the little guy Dallyn at home. There were times of numerous posts and then times of no posts.

Well it’s time to reboot the efforts. Tristan is days away from starting at Lehigh. Aidan is a few weeks from starting his senior year at Williston and Dallyn is heading into high school. This year has been frantic and chaotic. Tristan was traveling to Australia and then Ontario for lacrosse. Aidan has been figuring out his future plans in lacrosse and school. And Dallyn is trying to figure out if the prep school path is one that he wants to follow.

Sometimes when I look at parents with little kids I get a little sad. It went by so fast. I try to remember what the kids were like when they were young toddlers and it feels so far away. I feel a little helpless, because the memories are faded and it bothers me. They are not crystal clear like they used to be. Then I kick myself and focus on the newer memories or the memories to come. The kids are not dwelling on those things so why am I?

The kids have been apart so much over the past five years, that when they are together is special. We had two days together just a couple of weeks ago. Yes, a whole two days. And it was awesome. There is a connection that happens when they are all together. It is similar to a recipe that has three wonderful ingredients that taste good individually, great when they are paired, but when they are combined the flavor is spectacular. I am starting to treasure that flavor more and more, because I have no idea how frequent they will all come together in the future.

More adventures, decisions, excitement and drama ahead. Brotherly love definitely!

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2 Responses to Here We Go Again

  1. Alex Gray says:

    Paul, please keep us posted on Aidan’s plans for school.
    We are in week two @cardiganlaxcamp and plenty of Dartmouth lax alumni working.
    Best to all the Rais.
    Alex Gray

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