Small Problems to Big Problems

When your child starts growing up the daily problems start to minimize in number, but grow in magnitude. I am finding so much of my time is spent on resolving issues for my kids. As much as Tristan and Aidan have created independence for themselves by going away to school, there are so many things they need assistance with. Travel, visas, medical, insurance and the list goes on. I know that the parent contract told me that I needed to accept these responsibilities, but there are days when it wears me down. Then I shake my head and stop feeling sorry for myself. My mother and father did it for me, especially when I was an ungrateful young adult. I need to take my own advice and “suck it up”.

School is around the corner for all of them. Tristan starts at Lehigh this week, Aidan goes back in a week and Dallyn is just days away from starting at Vimy.  There will be more problems and many of them will be resolved by the kids. A few will come my way. I will get antsy, deal with them and move on. I really should enjoy these moments, still being the father lending a hand even after all these years. If I look at it like this then it will lessen the aggravation. Or I can just suck it up.

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