Oh Canada!

We had the family back together again in Edmonton, after close to a year. Tristan had not been home for eight and a half months and the last time we were all home together was last Christmas. It was a great break having the brothers back together again after such a long time apart. Aidan went back to school on January 4th. Tristan did not have to go back to school until January 15th, so his break was close to a month. It was great to have him home for so long, but his departure this time was very difficult for me. It was nice to have time with him and just as I was getting comfortable with him being home it was time to leave. Friday afternoon was a tough one. I am getting used to the possibility that there will be lots of gaps in time for all of us to be together in the future. It really can be a downer when I think about it.

When Tristan and Aidan were young they had dreams of playing college lacrosse. They both chased their dreams and Tristan was able to secure an opportunity at Lehigh University and Aidan is working hard to see if he can reach his goal. What seemed so far away is now becoming a reality. With that reality comes the realization that it takes a huge sacrifice by the kids, but as well as the family. As the Canadian dollar takes a nosedive daily in value against the US dollar, the reality becomes harsh. As I told Tristan over the holiday break I need to work 45% harder to be able to pay the college costs. I think back to the mid to late 1980s when I was at Dartmouth and my parents were paying for my school. It all comes full circle. The Canadian dollar was weak at that time and I have very little clue the impact on my parents. Now I share that pain. The dollar forecast is bleak, but the determination to support the dream is strong. As long as the kids bust their ass, all I can do is bust mine.I know for a fact that my mom and dad worked so hard to allow me to go to Dartmouth and the least I can do is provide the same opportunities for my kids. I love Canada, but I sure would appreciate being paid in American dollars right now.

Aidan is nearing the end of his Senior year at Williston and Tristan is heading into his Freshman season as a member of the Lehigh men’s lacrosse team. They have worked hard to get to this place and I am sure there is a lot of work ahead. The dreams that started so long ago here in Canada are taking shape south of the border. It was nice having them home, but they have things to do.


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