Fall Brings New Beginnings

The Fall around our household has always represented a new beginning. The kids would start a new year of school, the hockey season would be starting and even though the cold weather would be nipping at us, it was a fresh start for everyone. Over the past six years the Fall took on even a more prominent part of our lives as Tristan and Aidan would leave for school. Fall is upon us again and more new beginnings.

But first, the last eight months have been a whirlwind of activity. Aidan, after four years of Williston Northampton School, graduated. There were several bumps in the road, but he made it through. Tristan finished his freshman year at Lehigh where he was able to have great success on the lacrosse field. The classroom presented challenges that he had to overcome. Dallyn was the stay home son, trying to forge his own identity. He has grown so much this past year and is ready to make some big strides in his life. And for Tracey and I, we both hit the age of 50 this summer, making it extremely obvious that time stands still for no one.

When I actually think about what the kids have been up to it amazes me. Their opportunities have been so much more than I was offered at their age. Aidan was able to travel to Iqaluit to work on a movie as a lacrosse double. Tristan was able to join him on the movie shoot as the location moved to Toronto. Tristan again was playing box lacrosse in Ontario before getting traded to play for Calgary to end his junior lacrosse career. Dallyn traveled for three weeks on the East Coast of the US playing in lacrosse tournaments. He ended the summer playing in a box lacrosse tournament in Toronto.

Through all the activity we were able to have a short couple of weeks together as a family at home. We were able to celebrate Tracey’s 50th birthday as a complete family with many of our friends. We even had Tristan’s girlfriend Allie up from New Jersey for the birthday party. You take for granted the family time when the kids are young and dependent on you for everything. Now the family time is sacred due to it being a non-renewable resource. They grow up, they become adults. You take whatever time you can get.

Fall brings new beginnings which means Tristan is back at Lehigh ready for Fall ball. Aidan is home this year as he takes a gap year before deciding on his post graduate plans. He has been accepted to attend Ithaca College where he was recruited to play lacrosse. At this point though, his primary focus is on making some money to help offset his college costs. And baby Dallyn is no longer a baby. He is in high school with no idea what the future will await him.

Let’s enjoy the Fall. I am hoping for a warm Fall, but more importantly a Fall with even more opportunities and growth.



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