The initial  purpose of the blog was to tell the story of a young man who at age fifteen left home to attend Westminster School in Simsbury, CT.  That young man is Tristan, my son.  I have been leaning on him to share his experiences, his ups and his downs.  I have also been sharing my feelings as my son is 2500 miles away at a boarding school.  It has also been my purpose with this blog to share information on Westminster School for those that are interested in the school and want to learn more.  I started the blog in August 2010, but since that time the purpose has changed.  Tristan is now a junior at Westminster.  His brother, Aidan attended Cardigan Mountain School in 2011/12 as a Grade 9 student in Canaan, New Hampshire and is now attending Williston Northampton School in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

What started out a blog about Tristan at Westminster has morphed into much more as now there are two sons going to two different prep schools in New England.  I will now be sharing information about the progress of both boys at they attend their respective schools.  I hope their experiences provide insight on how these schools operate, their successes and of course their occasional failures.


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